Our Mission


The B.O.X 'Black Owned eXcellence' was founded by a team of Black Entrepreneurs, Multi-industry Professionals and Investors to address the lack of Black Business Ownership and Economic Influence in the UK.

At present only 1% of businesses in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are black owned, one of the greatest Economies in the world. With 13% of the UK being ethnic minorities, this demonstrates a distinct disparity with founders of black origin becoming major business owners and leaders within this sphere.

We believe that where Black Business leaders are effective and successful, they shouldn't continue to struggle with sourcing reliable and sustainable business finance. This being a key underlying contributor to the lack of business ownership and lower asset wealth in the black community.

The B.O.X makes Equity Investing opportunities more accessible to founders of black origin and their peers by bringing together a community of investors and business experts looking for the next generation of exciting venture opportunities. Also combining Equity finance with ongoing Mentoring and Partnership Support for both start-ups and growth businesses.

We are committed to Championing the sharpest minds in black enterprises – helping to unlock their full growth potential, so that we can truly realise the Economic value of Black Owned eXcellence.

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